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Multiple Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., a healthcare division of Multiple Group, is a company that finds its specialization in supplying cutting-edge healthcare equipments and supplies from around the world to healthcare organizations in the markets of Nepal. Entrusted by many leading healthcare organizations as their preferred technology partner, we carry a gamut of prominent healthcare brands which we mainly source from Americas, Europe, and the Far-East.

During all of these times when we have been busy gathering high repute as a trusted name to partner with, our concentration has also been to give Nepalese market opportunity to trusted healthcare brands and companies from around the world.

By doing so, Multiple Enterprises has found its expertise lying in finding the right mix and market orientation to prominent healthcare brands and companies that desire to enter into the markets of Nepal and become successful.


CSSD Equipments
Medical Laser System
Hematology Equipments
Ultrasound Technology Equipments
C-Arm Radiology Equipments
Laboratory Equipments

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