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Multiple Group, a prominently established group of companies, was initiated in the year of 1994. Initially beginning with Multiple Enterprises, the company that takes care of its healthcare division, the group then moved onto establishing its print-tech division—Laser Jet Solutions—in order to pioneer in the field of both recycling of printers and its manufacturing under its own brand name Laser Jet.

Since both the scope and its credibility went rising within the markets of Nepal, the group again conceived onto establishing a heavy equipment supply as Heavy Equipment Division. By now, we had already gained much experience as well as we had a solid base of good customers who had been asking us to supply a reliable brand of heavy equipments for long time.

Currently focusing on extending each of the company’s reach and revenues, Multiple Group comes to the forefront and pledges you a reliable partnership and assures quality representation for the territory of Nepal on your behalf. After all, we must keep our promises as a trusted name the industry.

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